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Knee & Shin Guard Dual Axis Pro - Black

Knee & Shin Guard Dual Axis Pro - Black

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Hardshell, gear-driven ventilated impact protector

Product Description

All new for 2024 is the knee and shin guard Dual-Axis Pro which is a step between the Dual Axis knee and shin guard and our Z-Frame knee brace.

The Dual Axis Pro has gear-driven movement and are anatomically correct, meaning that they replicate the natural movement of the knee.

Leatt's engineered technology for kneecap protection ensures that this guard is CE tested and certified for impact protection. It features a robust hard outeshell with soft internal padding, providing excellent comfort. Rubberized patches on the inside enhance bike grip, and large ventilation ports contribute to keeping you cool.

This Hardshell Dual Axis Pro is a great addition to the knee protection line.

Has a Leatt protection score of 25 out of 25, next step up in protection would be the Z-Frame knee brace.

Technical Features

Total Leatt® protection score of 25 points
Hard shell using Leatt engineered impact technology
Anatomically correct, geared pivoting design for left and right sides ensures perfect knee motion
CE tested and certified as impact protection:
Knee and shin EN1621-1
Extended, soft internal padding gives comfort and grip
Metal outer cover reinforces gear mechanism and helps reduce lateral impact forces
Rubberised inner hinge padding offers increased bike grip
Slim shin plate for great boot fit
Large ventilation ports in critical areas for maximum airflow
S/M - L/XL - XXL
Plastic-free packaging


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