Yarn Technology

Yarn Technology

Introducing our latest innovation: Yarn Technology. Made from recycled coffee grounds, this technical material offers a unique blend of performance and sustainability. 

With two distinct options to choose from, WarmYarn and IceYarn, these innovative fabrics will keep you comfortable and ready to tackle any riding condition. 


High performance Eco-friendly

insulated material made form

Recycled coffee grounds.

High performance Eco-friendly

insulated material with cooling

function, made form

Recycled coffee grounds.

Warn Yarn 

is designed to keep you cozy and chilly

ride. this fast-drying, odor-controlled

technical fleece fabric ensures you

stay warn and comfortable, even in 

cooler weather.

Ice Yarn 

is a breathable fabric, coated with a 

unique cool-touch solution offering 

low speed temperature control,

leaving the laser cut ventilation to

handle high speed cooling.



Very quick dry: Dries 200 times faster than cotton and 50 times faster than polyester - stay dry and comfortable even during intense rides.  

Breathable IceYarn: Low-speed temperature control 

Insulating Warmyarn: Warm and comfortable in cooler weather 

Odour control: with odour-controlling properties, Yarn Technology reduces unpleasant odours associated with sweat and bacteria for optimal freshness and comfort. 

100% reusable: WarmYarn and IceYarn are fully reusable 

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