Should I Buy a Full-Face Helmet?

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If you’re looking to buy an MTB helmet, you may have come across the debate over full-face and open-face helmets. A helmet is one of the most essential pieces of protective gear you can own because it reduces the risk of serious head and brain injury or even death. So, it’s important to choose the right helmet for you.

You should wear a helmet that suits your riding style and comfort preferences. If you are a more casual rider, an open-face or half-shell helmet should provide you with a reasonable amount of protection on the trails. But, if you’re more of an aggressive rider, like a downhiller, who likes to push the limits, it’s advised you wear a full-face helmet, as they do provide more protection. 

Open-face MTB Helmets

Our range of open-face MTB helmets are balanced in price, performance and comfort, while offering you optimal impact protection and ventilation. Make sure to check them out here. (Include link to range of half-shell MTB helmets) 

Our recommendation: DBX 3.0 All-Mountain / DBX 3.0 Enduro Helmet 

Renowned for its comfort, the DBX 3.0 is one of our top sellers. The high protection level, comfort and great ventilation make it the helmet of choice for trail riding.

Full-Face MTB Helmets

If you’re a hardcore rider who likes to go fast and take on difficult trails, then you should be wearing a full-face helmet, particularly if you are into downhill or enduro. 

Full-face helmets not only reduce the risk of serious head and brain injury, but they also fully protect your chin and teeth. Also, if you’ve hit your face before and your confidence has been affected by it, you might feel a whole lot safer opting for a full-face.

Our range of full-face helmets offer superior comfort and ventilation, are lightweight and offer maximum protection. The great thing about our range is that we do offer full-face DH and Enduro helmets, featuring a removable chinbar that allows you to convert your full-face into an open face, as the situation suits. To browse our full range of full-face MTB helmets, check out our online store. (Include link to range of full-face helmets)

Our recommendation: DBX 4.0 Helmet

A great lightweight helmet with amazing ventilation and ASTM certification.

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