What is the Difference Between Microngrip and Nanogrip?

What is the Difference Between Microngrip and Nanogrip?

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Leatt sets a new standard for affordable and durable riding gloves with a uniquely engineered palm in the form of MicronGrip and Nanogrip.

Nanogrip Palm

The Nanogrip palm is constructed of an ultra-fine polyester nanofiber made in Japan. This incredible fabric is so thin it feels as though you aren’t wearing gloves at all. Each filament has a diameter of merely 700 nanometres, so one fibre is 1/7500 of a human hair! This means the handlebar and bike feel is simply unlike anything out there. Despite being super slim, even after heavy use the palm offers excellent durability, and is also easy to clean. 

What’s more, the palm is ultra-soft, extremely breathable and stretchy, making them snug and comfortable as can be. As if all these benefits weren’t enough, the palm is also touchscreen compatible and doesn’t become slippery when wet, giving the best grip in all weather conditions.

Microngrip Palm

The Microngrip palm offers most of the functions and benefits of Nanogrip at a lower price level.  It is manufactured from a specialized polyester microfiber that is also soft and easy to clean. It too offers good durability, breathability and stretch, but is not quite as thin as the Nanogrip – though still offering great handlebar feel.

The Microngrip palm also provides excellent wet and dry grip, and touchscreen functionality, so there is no need to remove your gloves in order to use your phone!

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