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Neck Brace 3.5 - junior - White

Neck Brace 3.5 - junior - White

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Product Description

The Leatt 3.5 Junior neck brace has the same features as the adult version just made specially for smaller riders, it is lightweight, has an adjustable rear thoracic and is super stylish, this makes the
3.5 a great buy.

Our neck braces are designed to transfer potential injury producing forces away from the neck during an impact, to other body parts in a safe and efficient manner, thereby reducing your risk of a neck injury.

For very small riders, we recommend you opt for the FUSION 2.0, an all in one, neck brace and body protector, perfect for mini riders, check the sizing charts for more information.

Protect and let them ride with confidence.

Next step up would be our 5.5 junior neck brace that offers the same safety but with a lot more adjustability for a custom fit.

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Colour White
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